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Twitter provides income opportunities🗽

Twitter provides income opportunities.

threads and Twitter

Competing is Meta’s new micro-blogging site Threads and Twitter. There is no end to the strategy of who can go first.


However, the number of Twitter users started to decline. Because the organization has taken various controversial decisions for several months. Many people have lost interest in Twitter due to this. On the other hand, the popularity of threads started to increase. Threads got more than 10 crore subscribers in a very short time. Surviving in the market is becoming a big challenge for Twitter.


Twitter authorities have taken a new plan to maintain their existence. They are walking on the path of Meta. Twitter allows content creators to earn through advertising.


The microblogging site owned by Elon Musk announced the launch of this new program in a tweet on Thursday.

They plan to launch the program more widely by the end of this month. Twitter says that all eligible creators will have the opportunity to apply for monetization during this period.

However, Twitter has not yet given any idea about the exact percentage of dividends that will be given to content creators or how ads will be displayed on the content.

The organization has also included some conditions for content creators. In this case the creators must have a paid subscription – Blue Badge. Must have more than 5 million impressions in last 3 months. Content creator must be over 18 years of age. There should be a complete profile including account name, bio, profile picture and header image. Also the email address must be verified.

A two-tiered security system must be in place for account security.

Twitter provides income opportunities

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