Russia will hire 961 workers through Boesel

Russia will hire 961 workers through Boesel

Russia will hire Bangladeshi workers on an urgent basis through Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOSEL). A total of 961 workers will be recruited in 11 positions in the country’s construction sector. Interested candidates have to apply online through Bocell. Both male and female candidates can apply.

260 people will be recruited for the post of mold operator. Salary 65 thousand taka. Concrete – 80 workers, salary 64 thousand taka. Finisher (construction painter) 160 people, salary 62 thousand taka. 100 carpenters, salary 62 thousand taka. Crane operator 36 people, salary 59 thousand taka. Electric welder (manual) 80 people, salary 58 thousand taka. Steel fixer 110 people, salary 57 thousand taka. Welder (for grid iron, framework) 70 people, salary 56 thousand taka. 35 electricians, salary 56 thousand taka. Instrumentation, control and automation equipment posts 10 people, salary 56 thousand taka. General workers (loaders) 20 people, salary 46 thousand taka.

Job Requirements
Candidates must be fluent in Russian or English language to go to Russia. The employment contract is for one year. But it is renewable. Apprenticeship period is three months. Working hours are 8 hours per day, 6 days per week (overtime as per company rules). Accommodation including necessary furniture and transportation to work place will be borne by the hiring company. The company will provide two meals during the working day. The company will pay the cost of first aid. Airfare to join the job and airfare to return to the country at the end of the job will be paid by the employing company, which will be periodically adjusted from the employee’s salary. Other conditions will apply according to Russian labor laws.

Traveling Expenses
The selected candidates will have to pay the service charge fixed by Boesel 70 thousand taka for the first 10 posts and 56 thousand taka for the last post, medical fee 2 thousand taka, visa stamping fee 9 thousand 800 taka and other fees as per rules. Boesel does not have to pay any fees until the staff is finally selected.

How to apply:
Candidates who are interested in applying should fill one copy of resume, experience certificate, color copy of passport and other information in English and apply through the Boesel link . A candidate can apply for maximum 2 posts, more applications will be rejected. Age for application is below 35 years. Interested candidates should have 3 years experience in related work.

If the candidate expresses unwillingness to go to Russia after the candidate submits the necessary documents for the issue of special conditions visa, work permit or invitation letter, the pay order submitted to Boesel will be declared forfeited. Prabas Bandhu Call Center 16135 can be contacted in this regard. Direct interviews will be conducted by a representative of the hiring company supervised by Boesel. So the candidate should be fluent in Russian or English language.

Application Deadline: 22 October 2023


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