20 tips on what to include in a CV

20 tips on what to include in a CV. Resume (CV) is very important for job application. More importantly, writing a simple and elegant CV. Because, thousands of CVs were deposited in the human resources department of that organization after the publication of the recruitment circular. It is important to ensure that your CV is noticed by the authorities in the crowd of CVs.

Even a small mistake can make your CV stand out. These mistakes should be avoided. Jobs are constantly changing. New posts are being created. Due to this, there is a difference in the skills and qualifications of the workers. Considering all these things, there are constant changes in CV writing. In a report of the American Forbes magazine, 20 members of the Forbes Coach Council gave 20 effective suggestions on how job seekers should write an accurate CV.

1. Keep it simple
Franklin Buchanan, career coach and founder of CV writing firm Post Up Careers, says the simpler the CV format, the better. A simple and straightforward CV is the best way to succeed in online job hunting. You can provide your portfolio, website, GitHub profile or link next to the contact information in the CV.

2. Focus on skills
Even those hiring for technical roles often look for complementary skills such as partnership, critical thinking, social intelligence, communication, vision and influence. The job of a strong CV is to showcase these skills together. In this case, you can mention a small success story to show the effect of skills in the previous organization.

3. No ChatGPT help
Emily Cupit, lead career strategist and head resume writer at Refresh Your Step in Atlanta, says that a lot of people are jumping on the ChatGPT bandwagon to write CVs these days. It has correct content and wording but lacks key relevant details. Maybe these things will be fixed if the technology improves. However, ChatGPT’s cooperation cannot be taken into account at the moment.

4. Strategic message should be given
Shruti Parashar, executive coach and lead consultant of Gwalisab, New Delhi, said, strategic message should be given in the CV. In this case the STAR-STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) format can be used. Important messages must be stated in short, simple sentences.

5. Competence at the beginning
David J. Smith, career coach at consulting firm David J. Smith Consulting, says that a summary of qualifications should be included at the beginning of the CV. Without giving anything extra, the relevant qualifications should be given directly in small sentences for the post you are applying for.

6. How AI is used for skills,
says Lisa Rangel, CEO of job search consulting firm Chameleon Resumes LLC. CVs can outline how you can use artificial intelligence or machine learning to reduce labor and improve skills in your position (marketing, finance, technology).

7. Self Branding
Under Advice Ltd, says CVs should tell small stories with headlines. Instead of using generic titles like ‘Experience’ or ‘Work History’, start branding yourself with newer titles.

8. AI isn’t a solution for CVs
Don Pippin, chief people officer at US-based professional CV writing firm Area Talent, says using AI for CV writing could also reduce the chances of landing a job interview. But AI can be used as a primary tool. But this is not a solution for writing the final CV. And focus on competence, not responsibility.

9. Measuring Achievement
There’s a tendency to measure achievement using numbers, percentages or time frames, says Inelli Chesna, coach, mediator facilitator and advocate at the Institute for Next Level Leadership in the US. In this case do it result oriented and positive. Be specific and honest. Achievement cannot be exaggerated or dismissed.

10. How Succeeded
Beulah M. Chizimba, founder of UK nurse mentorship organization Limitless Nurses and leadership and career advancement coach, says CVs rarely mention nurses and healthcare professionals’ achievements in improving patient care and services. Mention in the CV what you did, why you did it, how you did it and what it brought to the organization. It will make you stand out from others.

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11. Put recent achievements first
Try to put recent achievements first in your CV, says Manzar Bashir, executive coach at Pakistani consultancy Potential Mapping. Also mention what your role was in achieving them. In this case, such language should be used, which helps the reader to understand.

12. Align yourself with the organization’s goals and values,
advises Alla Adam, founder of Chicago-based consulting firm Alla Adam Coaching. You’re not applying for a job, you’re applying to a company. So why you are the best candidate for that organization from short and long term perspective should be explained in short. Consider yourself aligned with the company’s values ​​and goals. Find out about the company, identify its recent successes and challenges and mention them in the CV.

13. Present yourself as a unique product
Laura DeCarlo, president of Career Directors International, a Melbourne-based resume writing and career coaching firm, says it’s important to remember when crafting your CV that you’re selling yourself as a unique product. That’s why you need to focus on how you can be better, faster, less expensive or more profitable.

14. Know the trends of the organization
Anita O’Connor-Roberts, owner of AOC Consulting, a business and career coaching company in the United Arab Emirates, advises you to know the trends of the organization you are applying to. CV should be prepared accordingly. Specify in the CV how you will influence trends in the position you are applying for.

15. See the profile of someone in a similar position,
says Kathy Bernhardt, president of KFB Leadership Solutions in New York. In this they will find many people in the same position as the type of job they are looking for. Review their profile and make sure your profile has the same keywords. Also, always talk about your achievements, not the responsibilities.

Kristy Busiza, founder and CEO of Next Conversation Coaching LLC in North Carolina, advises that a recruiter has thousands of resumes in front of them for a position. So they evaluate these CVs within a short period of time. For this reason, you should try to make your CV attract their attention from the first appearance. In this case, your abilities, skills and experience should be summarized in the top half of the first page. Emphasize the outcome of all tasks as opposed to the position.

17. Not all companies have the same CV
Avoid the mistake of using a generic CV to apply for jobs at multiple companies, says Anna Yushim, managing director of Miami-based Yushim Psychiatry, Consulting and Executive Coaching. Because, it may or may not highlight your qualifications as per the organization. Job seekers should analyze job descriptions carefully. CVs should include relevant keywords and skills to demonstrate competence.

18. Works help to ahead the Organization
Randy Barun, CEO of Something Major, a US leadership coaching and consulting company that will advance the company , says that it is not enough to list what you have done in a previous company on a CV. Rather, it is important to convey why it is important and how it has moved the organization forward.

19. Use modern CV format
Jennifer Wilson, co-founder of US consulting firm Convergence Coaching LLC and leadership coach and strategist advises that CV format is very important. Modern format should be used. Write leadership strengths on the left or right in a narrow column, highlighting your focus and expertise. Then write the work experience, certifications and educational qualifications clearly and concisely.

20. Why you should be hired
Mark Garrett Hayes, founder and sales coach of Barcelona-based consulting firm SalesCoach, says in your CV why you should be hired for this position and what you would add to the company.

20 tips on what to include in a CV

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