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Easy Ways to Earn Money in Bangladesh 2023 (11 Easy Ways)

Easy Ways to Earn Money in Bangladesh 2023 (11 Easy Ways)

This post is very important for people interested in online income in Bangladesh. Because they will know the details of the easy way to earn money in Bangladesh through this post.

There are many ways to earn money. But today’s article is arranged with these ways from those mediums which will be profitable in 2023 or in the future.

Hope if you are looking for easy ways to earn money in Bangladesh 2023, then this article will be useful for you. We have spent a lot of time researching other blog sites and created this article.

Easy Ways to Earn Money in Bangladesh 2023 (11 Easy Ways)

What is in the article:

Easy way to earn money in Bangladesh

Easy way to earn money in bangladesh article has attached very popular and currently profitable jobs. If you learn a job well from these jobs, I hope you can earn money very easily.

01. Make your own website and earn (Money Earn From Website)

The medium of earning through website is very popular now. Many people I know in Bangladesh are earning several lakhs of rupees every month only through the website.

Website income is passive income. But this income has a very relaxed feel. If you can build a website and get a good position, even if you sleep, your income will not be off. Interestingly, your income will continue even when you sleep.

Easy Ways to Earn Money in Bangladesh 2023 (11 Easy Ways)

Creating a website does not cost a lot of money. You can build a website very well within two to three thousand rupees. However, before creating a website, several things must be known very well. You have to know those things and then proceed with the website.

  • 02. Earn From YouTube

There was a time when people did not believe that money can be earned from YouTube. But nowadays we all know that good amount of money can be earned from YouTube. If you can establish a YouTube channel, you will be fine even if you don’t have a job.

There are many people I know who work full time on YouTube. And they earn good amount of money from YouTube. That’s why I have attached the easy way to earn money from YouTube in Bangladesh.

However, YouTube channel monetization is a popular way to earn from YouTube in Bangladesh. Before getting YouTube channel monetization, you have to fulfill the conditions given by YouTube authorities. However, monetization will come on the YouTube channel i.e. ads will be shown.

Your income starts from when the ad/advertisement is shown in your YouTube video.

 The condition of youtube channel monetization is:

Must be 1000 subscribers within last one year.

Must have 4000 hours watch time within last one year.

YouTube channel must be eligible for monetization as per Youtube rules.

3. Easy Income Using Google Adsense (Google Adsense)

In 2023, the medium of online income using Google Adsense is very popular. Many of us earn online using Google Adsense. Many people I know earn several lakhs of rupees every month from Google Adsense.

You can use Google Adsense in two places. One is on your own website and the other is through monetization on youtube channel.

Google Adsense income is sent every month between 21st and 24th. But before that you have to get Google Adsense verification with your given address and national identity card. Without verification, you cannot withdraw money from Google Adsense.

Easy Ways to Earn Money in Bangladesh 2023 (11 Easy Ways)

4. Easy Income from Facebook Page

We all know that social media has become a major means of online income nowadays. Because we have a lot of people using social media.

Using this opportunity you can earn money by uploading videos on Facebook. But for that you need to open a Facebook page. You can earn money from Facebook page using Facebook monetization system by uploading video on that page.

But to earn money from Facebook, you have to fulfill the conditions of Facebook authorities. Then you can earn money from your Facebook page. It is an important way to earn money nowadays in Bangladesh.

5. Make Money Via Freelancing

We all know that freelancing is a very popular way of earning in Bangladesh. Millions of Bangladeshi youth are bringing foreign currency to Bangladesh by freelancing. Which is a matter of great pride for us. The position of Bangladesh in freelancing is very good. Day by day Bangladesh is improving in freelancing.

There are many popular freelancing jobs. For example: Graphics Design, Web Design and Development, Data Entry, Video Editing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Content Writing, etc.

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You can earn online by learning these freelancing jobs. But you must acquire good skills in these tasks before you start working in the freelancing markets.

6. Article Writing Income

If you can write SEO friendly articles well then you can earn a lot of money online by writing articles. A good quality article writer is in high demand in the freelancing markets.

Also, you can get good article writing jobs from various local Bangladesh Facebook groups. There are many people I know who are making good money online just by writing articles.

Another great advantage of writing articles is that you can make good money by creating your own website. Because the main thing of a website is the article. If you have a good article, you can easily earn from a website.

7. Graphic Design

Everything we see around us includes graphics. The online world cannot be imagined without graphics. From marketing to website design, graphics are present in all areas. A good quality graphic designer is in high demand in the freelancing marketplace.

If you can master graphic designing skills then you can earn lakhs of rupees every month in honors. To become a good graphic designer you need to put in a lot of practice time. Once you get a good position in graphic design, you will never look back.

8. Learn SEO and Earn Money (SEO)

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That is, the process of bringing a website to a good position in the search engine by following all the rules of the search engine is called SEO. SEO jobs are in high demand in online freelancing markets.

Another big advantage is that in this job, you can get a permanent job if you learn Search Engine Optimization SEO well. There are plenty of permanent jobs available in search engine optimization online.

You’d be surprised at how much a quality SEO expert costs. You can understand how much an SEO expert charges per hour in freelancing markets. SEO work is in high demand in the freelancing markets. As your experience increases, your income will increase.

9. Earn money by editing video (Video Editing)

Video editing jobs are currently in high demand in online freelancing markets. And day by day the demand of this job is increasing in the freelancing markets.

One of the major reasons for this is that video marketing is heavily used in online marketing. Video marketing gets a lot of engagement and profits are high.

Before you can earn money from video editing, you need to master video editing skills. If you can keep clients happy in the freelancing markets through video editing, the value of your work will continue to increase day by day. The more experience you have in video editing, the more you can earn.

10. Earn money with digital marketing

The present time is the time of digital. Marketing that is done using digital platforms is called digital marketing. Digital platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

By promoting a company’s product or service on these social media, you can earn online through digital marketing. There are tons of digital marketing jobs posted on freelancing marketplaces and in various groups on Facebook.

11. Affiliate Marketing Income (Affiliate Marketing)

Online income through affiliate marketing is very popular. Two of the best ways to do affiliate marketing are your own website, or YouTube channel. You can earn good amount of money by doing affiliate marketing through your own website or YouTube channel.

In affiliate marketing, you have to sell products from affiliate websites using product links on your website or your YouTube channel. The affiliate website will give you a fixed amount of commission from the sale of that product. This process is called affiliate marketing.

It is possible to earn huge amount of money in 2023 by doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to earn from websites. Many SEO experts recommend creating an affiliate website instead of creating a Google AdSense website.


Why should you be left behind in today’s online age? You too can start earning money through the tasks mentioned in the post Easy Ways to Earn Money in Bangladesh on our website.

And if you face any problem in all these tasks or need help, then you can let us know by commenting. Or you can contact us.

You can visit our website regularly to get regular online income related articles or technology related articles in Bengali language. We regularly publish online income and technology related articles.

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