Career in Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resource Management (HRM) is considered as a smart job field in the modern world.Career in Human Resources Management (HRM). But its popularity and scope in Bangladesh can be said to be completely new. In keeping with the modern world, the demand for this profession is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. With the objective of proper utilization of the performance of the employees of the organization, emphasis is now being placed on the department of ‘Human Resource Management’ in the private organizations as well as in the government organizations. Because the success of an organization largely depends on the human resource management of that organization.Career in Human Resources Management (HRM)


The concept of “human resources” is quite modern. Even in the early part of the last century the employees of an organization were not considered as “assets”. They were just workers, their first and foremost job was to obey the orders of the superiors. Gradually, after the companies expanded at home and abroad, they realized that the backbone of this expansion is their employees. An organization’s workforce is its greatest asset. It is from this realization that the concept of “Human Resource Development” was introduced. Companies opened a branch called “Personnel Administration” to manage and serve their human resources,. Which later came to be known as “Human Resource Department (HRD)”. In modern world companies, employees can easily share new ideas with their superiors and companies also provide various training and other facilities to develop these creative people.
The journey of HRD started 15/20 years ago in the hands of various multinational companies in Bangladesh. Currently many Bangladeshi nationals are working as HRD Head of these companies. In order to compete with multinational companies, domestic companies are also rapidly launching human resource development wings, creating attractive employment opportunities.

Type of work

Irrespective of the business scope of the organization, the work pattern of the employees in the human resource management department is almost the same. Officers of this department play an important role in any organization. The main job of a human resource management officer is to maintain the manpower and their detailed information. Of the respective organization and to present the appropriate information to the top officials of the organization. As a result, the employees in the human resource management department are considered important and even respected by the authorities and employees of the organization.

Therefore, the demand of the youth of Bangladesh to work in this field is increasing day by day. From recruitment, transfer, promotion, training, development of the organization, determining the scope of work of the employees to the institutional facilities and benefits of the employees. Which they get from the organization such as – annual leave, provident fund, retirement allowance, salary, bonus etc. Officers. It is the job of this department to evaluate the work of the employees and to reward the efficient employees to motivate them to work and also to give proper advice to those who are negligent in the workplace.

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It is mandatory for those who want to enter this profession to have some basic qualifications. Educational qualification should be minimum graduation pass. People with degrees in business education and HRM are preferred, but people who have passed from other disciplines can enter this profession. Along with educational qualification of the candidate, leadership qualities, patience, communication skills, problem solving skills and understanding of labor laws of the country are given utmost importance.
A Human Resource Development Officer must have good communication skills and the ability to understand the psychological state of others. In career, a Human Resource Development Officer has to be accepted and trusted by everyone. Employees of this department have to have proper knowledge about the culture of their organization and manage human resources accordingly.

Starting Salary Structure

Depending on the organization, your salary as an entry level officer in Human Resource Management department may be minimum 15 thousand taka. Further promotion will depend on your work skills and experience.
What type of organization can work in?
Before entering the human resource management profession, one should have adequate understanding of the organizations that have this department. Generally, large domestic and multinational companies have full working areas of this department. This department has a wide range of operations especially in Garment Factories, Banks, Media Houses, Pharmaceutical Companies, Publishing Houses, NGOs, Telecommunications and Industrial Institutions. Although there is no department called human resource development in the government institutions so far. The work related to human resource development is being done in the departments of ‘Training’/’Statistics’/’Planning’ etc. in various institutions. The policies of these departments are formulated by the Ministry of Public Administration, and approved by the Government.

Education and training

HRM is taught in BBA, MBA courses in various public and private universities in Bangladesh. Besides, PGDHRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management) degree can be taken from various institutes. Nowadays, various employers look at this degree with great importance. Some of the institutes that offer this training are:
Bangladesh Institute of Management, Sobhan Bagh, Mirpur, Dhaka
Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management, Farmgate, Dhaka

Institute of Personnel Management, Farmgate, Dhaka

These trainings last for six to nine months. The minimum educational qualification for admission in these is graduation.

Human resource management is a very interesting profession, it is also relatively easy to prepare for. But before starting a job in any organization it is important to know about the organization well. Your well-timed decision can open the doors of modern jobs in an advanced organization.

Career in Human Resources Management (HRM)

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