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Manager, Knowledge Management, Innovations, and Communications (Contractual), Urban Development Programme


BRAC is an organization that helps people who are poor and treated unfairly all around the world. They work to create long-lasting chances for people to succeed and do well.

The BRAC Urban Development Programme wants to make cities and towns that are safe, can cope with problems, welcome everyone, and can last a long time. We do different things to help people cope with climate change. For example, we build houses that can resist bad weather. We help people who work in factories that make clothes. We teach people how to prevent fires in their communities. We also talk to local leaders about ways to help poor people in cities. Come work with UDP team to design better cities in Bangladesh where everyone can live happily. Working at brac is different from any other job you might have had. It is a place where you can make a real difference in the lives of those who need help the most. We are not only imagining a world that is better, but we are also working towards creating it. Come with us and we can help you discover the path.


Create a system to manage knowledge in UDP that includes researching and sharing successful practices, quickly assessing different components, and finding funding opportunities..


Create a system to store and share information at the city development program and make sure it works well.
Make sure you label and write down all the ways you learn and do things through research.
Make sure to keep records of how the program is being put into action and managed, as well as the final results.
Spread knowledge and good ways of doing things in the program by creating and sharing reports, papers, articles, and case studies with other BRAC programs and outside groups.
Find important research topics/questions for action research and make sure to do action research regularly.
Guide and oversee UDP’s researchers and external researchers in creating research proposals, methods and collecting and analyzing data.
Find new ways to help people through UDP and create ways to put these ideas into action.
Create plans for projects, which include ideas about how the project will work and how much it will cost.
Find ways to raise money by looking for requests for proposals or applications. Submit suitable proposals and concept notes on time.
Collaborate with UDP team members to make sure that everyone is learning the same things and everything makes sense in the program and organization.

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Make sure team members are safe and not being hurt or treated badly, so that the program can successfully protect people. Be a really good helper and give advice to make sure everyone is safe at work.
Help your team understand the rules to keep people safe and make sure they follow them in everything they do.
If something bad happens, tell someone. Tell others to do the same.


  • Leadership and people management.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Communication and documentation.
  • Project design and proposal writing.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Knowledge on product development.


Masters preferably in Development Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Development Management or any relevant discipline from any recognized institute.


Minimum 5 years of experience in relevant field.


Festival Bonus, Health and Life Insurance, Wellness Centre Facility, Day Care Facility and others as per policy.

Apply: https://careers.brac.net/

এই চাকরির জন্য প্রতিষ্ঠান আপনার কাছ থেকে কোন অর্থ চাইলে অথবা কোন ধরনের ভুল বা বিভ্রান্তিকর তথ্য দিলে আমরা দায়ী নয়। চাকরি পাওয়ার জন্য কোন ব্যাক্তি / প্রতিষ্ঠানকে অর্থ প্রদান করতে আমরা কাউকে উৎসাহিত করিনা। কোন প্রকার অর্থ লেনদেনের দায়িত্ব আমরা বহন করবো না।